Why Internal Affairs Will Help Increase Your Income From Music

I'm Jordan Brace, founder of Internal Affairs and 'Fro Fresh Entertainment. If you are or have ever wanted to become a singer/songwriter, music producer, music manager, booking agent, record label... Whether you want to increase your or your clients fan base, increase music sales, beat sales, bookings... You get the picture. Internal Affairs is here to help you.

Internal Affairs Aims To Digest The Crap & Leave You With The Good Stuff

I'm not going to tell you what a <insert music career here> does.

What I will do however, is introduce you to various business concepts and marketing strategies which you can apply immediately to help you achieve your goals in your music career. All of which are tested and proven by yours truly. 

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Who Is Jordan Brace?

Over the past couple of years, the man behind Internal Affairs has been establishing an independent record label. Like any other entrepreneur, Jordan has developed a business plan and model which has been backed up by thorough research. His findings have proven that the majority of professionals in the music industry, no matter what age or experience, have very little clue about good business practices or effective marketing. 

His record label answers his concerns. However, Jordan wants to educate those who aren't a part of the record label but are ambitious enough to succeed and want to shape their own path.

Jordan teaches business concepts and marketing strategies for the music-minded entrepreneur. Furthermore, he tests strategies before sharing them with his readership. He also demonstrates how they are effective to his record label and how they will be effective to other music businesses by integrating the data and information found in academic journals to support real world applications.

If you want to start learning the strategies he applies to both his record label and this blog, sign up to the Internal Affairs newsletter below.

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