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Soundcloud Has Removed Groups. What Now? (Here’s One Alternative For Promoting Music)

12th August 2016
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or alternatively, you just don’t use the platform that much), you will have noticed that the social sound platform, Soundcloud, have removed groups.

What Were Groups?

To put it simply, groups were a way of spamming distributing your uploaded tracks amongst likeminded musicians and listeners to garner more plays, likes, and followers.

It was a handy tool, one which was very popular amongst many readers of this blog. It allowed them to promote their music and increase their following.

And it made sense!

However, now that they are gone, every musician I know seems to be crying. Why?

Groups were the only way these musicians were promoting their music.

Ridiculous, I know. But guys, I have your backs!!

The One Alternative That Makes Sense

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Sell More Music & Segment

5th August 2015
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Before we get in to market segmentation, I have a quick story to share.

One member of my mailing list emailed me a few weeks ago with a story. He is a music producer, trying to sell instrumentals online and he has A LOT of business problems.

Anyway, he was telling me how he offers three genres of instrumentals for licensing. He then told me how he markets all three genres to exactly the same audience, yet only manages to sell a few $20 beats here and there.

He wants to quit. I explained to him why he shouldn’t with one simple word.

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Niche & Mass Markets In Music

2nd June 2015
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The simplest definition of a market tells us that a market is a place where sellers come to sell their products and/or services to buyers. These markets could simply be a market stall in the city centre, or a website like Amazon with sellers finding themselves amongst competition who sell similar products and services.

Unfortunately, business is not that simple and markets are dynamic – in that they are constantly evolving and changing. Therefore, businesses must understand market trends and have the ability to adapt to remain competitive.

Delving even deeper, it’s even more complicated. All markets are different, catering to different customers. Not only do businesses need to remain on the forefront of the change, but they must understand hundreds, if not thousands of different characteristics that make up the market that they operate in. Varying characteristics include the size of the market and competition, just to name a few.

However, there are still markets which are large and undifferentiated, where products and services appeal to a mass audience of consumers who have varied backgrounds. These are known as mass markets.

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Are Your Objectives Smart?

18th March 2015
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Last time I wrote about how important I believe it is to take risks and sacrifice to achieve success in the music industry (Here’s a link if you’ve yet to read it).

However, what I hadn’t mentioned is that you need a well formulated plan to achieve your goals. You can’t just shoot in the dark so to speak.

Therefore, never spend your money and time on something that you’re uneducated about! You will be destined to fail.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be introducing the basics of marketing. It’s simple stuff, I promise. Some of you may already know the basics, but will it hurt for you to revisit the subject one more time? You may pick up on something new in the process.

Anyway, to start us off I’m going to talk about marketing objectives.

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Why Your Attitude Stinks

1st March 2015
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Now, before we begin talking about the nitty-gritty side of marketing and the music business, you need to understand a few things about being an entrepreneur.

Becoming An Entrepreneur

Everyone claims to want to do what they love for a living. But when they have the opportunity to do it, they put it off because of their fears of failure. These are the more popular excuses I tend to come across:

“Oh, I can’t afford to invest that sort of money or time!”


“Oh, I tried it, but after a month, I gave up because I didn’t make a sale!”

Whenever I see someone mouth those sorts of sentences, I have to stop my right hand from slapping them. People like that are so infuriating.

I like to help people who are trying to follow their dreams. But if that’s their excuse, I sigh. Why?

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